~ Interview with Megumi-sensei! ~

This interview with Tachikawa Megumi, the mangaka (manga creator) of Cyber Idol Mink, comes from DigiNaka (Digital Nakayosi), the official Nakayosi magazine homepage at: http://www.nakayosi-net.com

The original Japanese interview has been translated into English by Meimi (KSaintTail@aol.com), with aid by Joe (jgeorge@nbi.com). Hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu!!! =D

You can read Meimi's manga translations at her website maybe . tomorrow, which includes all of the translations of Cyber Idol Mink.

Manga-ka Voice
In this corner, we interview popular Nakayoshi manga artists.
Here we get the inside story on creating manga, the artist's private
life, and here we can listen to what they have to say.
#1 Tachikawa Megumi-sensei
Born: February 22, blood type B, Astrological Sign: Pieces
Her works include "Cyber Idol Mink", "Dream Saga Takamagahara",
"Kaitou Saint Tail" and others.
Please see the "Manga Artist Data" page for a full profile!
A new manga -- the dream-filled digital idol story "Cyber Idol Mink".
We dropped in on Tachikawa-sensei at work, to ask her all about this
fun story.
o Tell us how you came up with "Mink"
--"Cyber Idol Mink" is about an idol created with a computer. How did
you think of a futuristic story like this?
---Whenever I'm trying to think of a new story, I have to think of
lots of ideas so that they aren't anything like others I've drawn. So
this time, I wanted to draw something completely unlike anything
before. So I thought, "This is the year 2000, I want to draw something
new and futuristic!"
--But isn't it hard to write a story revolving around computers?
---Yes. The truth is, I'm not good with them at all. But I thought it
might be a good idea to not use a lot of technical jargon, so that
anyone could understand the story.
--The name "Mink" is really cute!
---I'm glad. I thought that I really wanted to give her a cute name. I
tend to use names starting with one of the "ma-mi-mu-me-mo" sounds to
give a name a really cute feel... (like "Meimi" from Kaitou Saint
Tail) and now "Mink"~!
--Hmm, so that's the reason...as the story develops, Mink-chan will
steadily become a super idol...did you have a model for her?
---Yes. For her image, I used Vivian Hsu-chan as a kind of model.
[Inset: Tachikawa-sensei drawing a page of "Mink". A fantastic world is created from her hands!]

--Then for Motoharu-senpai?
---For his image, I used Inohara-kun from V6....
--I see! Then what about Illiya?
---For his appearance, I used people from all different bands! But I
made him like Hyde-san from L'Arc-en-Ciel in places, but their looks
are sometimes different because I was checking it out, and thought,
"This might be kind of risky..." by making them too similar...
--What characters are the most fun to draw?
---Kanoka and Mahoko are really fun to draw. Because the heroine is
sort of ditzy, they sort of play the more serious parts compared to
her. And I try with all my might to draw Illiya to make him very cool!
I try to make my power come out in my drawing...
o How about Work and Private Life?
--What does it take to produce a story every month?
---First, I arrange things with my editor. Then we decide on content
and plot (storyline, dialog, and other details) and that takes two to
three days. After I have the OK, next I work on naming (checking on
continuity, and deciding how many words to a page). At the latest, I
can do this in about five days. Then I do my first draft, which takes
about five days. It takes about three to four days to ink it. Once
it's finished, I have to arrange things for the next chapter...and so
--Wow! So then you're busy all year round? And plus, you have to do
any other work Kodansha gives you, right?
---Like things for "Cyber Idol Mink" volume one?
---Yes. It's going on sale on March 6th.
--That's news! Everyone, please check it out! But, if you're busy
everyday, when do you think of story ideas?
---Mostly when I'm watching TV. Ideas surface while the commercials
are on.
--Clever! So then, do you watch TV while you work?
---Except for the naming part, I watch TV when I'm working.

[Inset: Sneak peek! The TV for watching sports. It's a cute little one, isn't it?]


--Ooh! What a cute size!
---I like sports programs. The year before last when the Olympics were
on, I kept thinking and thinking about it no matter what, so I
thought, "I want to get a TV to watch during work!"...and that was
when I bought it.
--What kinds of sports do you like?
---These days, I've been watching World Cup Volleyball. It suprised me
when it showed up, but it was really interesting to watch.
--Do you watch dramas?
---I like them. When a new one starts, I'll definitely watch it once.
If I like it, I keep watching.
--How about the recent suspense shows?
---I like them...but I get scared, and I can't stand murder scenes. If
they happen, I have to close my eyes and I won't open them until it's
safe to look.
--So, then how about horror...?
---I can't take them!!
--That's too bad...so what do you do to calm down when you get scared?
---I guess...play with my little parakeet, Momo...
(Here, Momo-chan just starts to wake up)
--Wah, lovely! How old is it?
---He's about three years old, but this isn't its true form, right now
it's half-asleep...so it isn't acting like it usually does... I think
his original form was "God of Destruction"!
[Inset: Momo-chan still waking up. We don't think he's really "God of Destruction"...]

The digital camera startles him, and Momo puffs and ruffles his
--Kyaa, scary! ...but it's so cute...
Tachikawa-sensei and Momo begin to play. However, Momo gradually wakes
up and follows the sounds of the digital camera, then suddenly starts
to attack this strange visitor!
--Wah! (Momo starts pecking the reporter's head) I woke up the God of
Destruction! I'm sorry! I'll cut it short here, Tachikawa-sensei,
thank you very much!
---Thank you very much.

In case you're curious, these are photos of the idol singers that Megumi-sensei mentioned in the interview as being models for the characters Mink, Motoharu, & Illiya.

Inohara Yoshihiko

Vivian Hsu

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