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Sentimental journey and Sentimental Graffiti bishoujo anime and video gaming series images and info. Part of a diverse shoujo anime, manga, video gaming, and live-action Japanese drama website.

Sentimental Journey / Sentimental Graffiti
"Sentimenal Graffiti" is a bishoujo video game. The 12-episode TV series "Sentimental Journey" recounts an important story about each girl before the events that take place in the game.

TV Anime - 12 episodes

Sentimental Journey

Video Game - Sega Saturn

Sentimental Graffiti

Video Game - Sega Dreamcast

Sentimental Graffiti 2

Story Intro

Each episode of the TV series is about one of 12 girls who, in the game, later all fall in love with the same boy. They each give him a love letter, and he has to decide which girl he deeply cares for. However, he can't be happy when everyone else is sad and hurt. He needs to help the others find happiness.... perhaps in new loves? An inventive title in the genre, in that the player is not trying to get a girl to like him. The visuals and dialogue of the game are excellent.

The TV episodes vary greatly. One is about Chie, the lead vocal in a rock band comprised of her younger brother and a few friends. Her close guy friend, Ryuu, writes music and records it on mini discs for her to listen to. One day Chie sees him meeting with a woman. Ryuu gives the woman a special pink mini disc.
Chie is late to the next band's rehearsal. When she gets there she tells Ryuu nonchalantly that she saw him with his girlfriend. Ryuu says that it wasn't his girlfriend, and runs off.
The next day Chie sees Ryuu and the woman and decides to follow them. She evesdrops at a restaurant, and hears that the pink mini disc contains the love song he's written! It turns out the woman is from a record company. Ryuu explains that the band wants to perform the song, but their leader never does love songs. Chie hurries home, unable, or perhaps unwilling, to sort out her feelings.
At the next band practice session Chie announces that she's quitting, and rides off recklessly on her motorcycle. Ryuu chases after her, but doesn't make it in time to stop Chie from crashing. Chie swerves to avoid a collision, but she and her bike fly off the road into the ocean.
When Chie awakes, she's lying in a hospital bed. Ryuu had saved her from drowning, but he has broken a finger. Chie rushes to find Ryuu, fearing she has ruined his career as a musician. She apologizes, but Ryuu reassures her - it is his pinky, so everything will be alright. He holds her tightly.
At the band's live concert, Chie announces they'll be doing a love song, much to the surprise of the other members. It's the song Chie had written for her school festival long ago, but never performed because the drummer, the boy she loved, had left. Now Chie is ready to move on past the memories of that day, and enjoy the friendships she has now. The group smiles, and the music begins to play.
Other Sentimental Journey are stories such as that of Minami, a girl in a hospital for simple testing, but the stay has gotten longer and she overhears her doctor tell a nurse that it won't be easy to tell her parents about her.... In another episode, a girl sets up a date for her identical twin brother and a shy, quiet girl. Something else comes up, and she knows that if her brother breaks the date it'll hurt the girl's feelings - so she dresses as her brother and goes herself!

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