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Kakyuusei bishoujo anime series images and info. Part of a diverse shoujo anime, manga, video gaming, and live-action Japanese drama website.

"Kakyuusei" are bishoujo OAVs from Studo Elf about high school students. The story has been remade into a TV series. Studio Elf created a popular hentai video game called "Kakyuusei". This ecchi anime is based on the game, but is not hentai*.
Earlier, Pink Pineapple had produced a completely different OVA series also named "Kakyuusei". One should never confuse the two series! Pink Pineapple's "Kakyuusei" is hentai and only for certain adult audiences. Studio Elf's "Kakyuusei" OAVs are not hentai. They are two independant and separate series.
*NOTE: Studio Elf's "Kakyuusei" OAV series has TWO versions of the final episode: an "Under 15" version, and a "15 & Older" version. MAKE SURE to get the "Under 15" version, or else you will find yourself watching hentai!

OAV Anime - 4 Episodes


TV Anime - 13 episodes


Video Game - Sega Saturn


Video Game - Win98 PC


This page is an intro to the anime, based on the article from KASHA.


Story Intro

17-year-old Yuki Mizuho (the brunette with white headband) is a top tennis player at school and very pretty, but she doesn't have a boyfriend.... and she doesn't want one right now, either! This makes her all the more shocked to find out that a boy her age named Nanase Touru will be staying with her family.

Her mother and younger brother Tetsuya think it's a wonderful idea, but Mizuho is extremely annoyed.... of course, having him walk in with Tetsuya when she was getting ready to take a shower (undressed down to her underwear), could have something to do with this, too.

News of their living together under the same roof spreads like wildfire through the school the next day - by the time they arrive, everyone already knows that they're an "item"! Touru goes onto the PA system and corrects everyone's misimpressions.

This comes as a tremendous relief to at least two girls who have crushes on him: Minamizato Ai (lighter-haired brunette), a freshmen one year younger than Touru, and Mizuho's best friend Kamiyama Miko (green-haired girl with braids). Miko lives and works in a shrine with her father. She confesses her feelings for Touru to Mizuho at lunch that day. Miko is a very sweet and naive girl whose father is extremely protective of her.

Ai comes to the coffee shop where Touru works after school. However, she's too timid to speak to him, until Miyuki (green-haired girl with ponytail) offers her some much-needed encouragement. Ai tells him that she believes what he said, even if others don't... then, she practically runs out of the room without

introducing herself! Miko asks Mizuho to try to set her up with Touru; she wants to bring him lunch and try to get to know him a bit better. Miko is an excellent cook - eating the lunch she makes is a joy for Touru, and he tells her that she'll make someone a good bride one day. She practically has a heart attack because she gets so excited! Mizuho overhears them, and is careful to walk away....

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