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~ Dream Saga ~

One day Yuuki sighted something floating down from the sky. She caught it: a small red comma-shaped object. Just then her good friend (and secret crush) Takaomi walked up, so she hid it away in a pocket.

Whenever Yuuki neared a mirror a beautiful girl appeared in it! Yuuki finally figured out that it was because of the strange red object. That night the girl gave Yuuki a magic hand mirror and told her about another world, Takamagahara. Yuuki, feeling very tired, decided to snooze for a bit. The girl tried to warn her aginst falling asleep, but it was too late....

As soon as Yuuki fell asleep she awoke in a strange desert. A group of men approached and called to a Takaomi. Could it be the Takaomi she knew?

But the young man who stepped forward was much older than her friend. Yuuki was a little disappointed, and then she became quite startled and indignant when he tried to kiss her!

Later that day she returned to the men's camp with them and she saw they were going to kill a cute bird for a meal. Intervening, she took the bird to care for. Binga was a talking bird, and Yuuki grew to love her quickly.

An emergency brings to light that Yuuki is the legendary girl of this land. Takaomi doesn't believe it. Unknown to Yuuki, what it means is that, along with four others, she must use magical powers to rescue the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu.

When Yuuki woke up the next morning she couldn't help thinking about the Takaomi in her dream. At school she saw her friend and wondered if he could be the same person. Nachi, the tennis player with a crush on Takaomi, was arguing with Souta, the studious boy in the class, over an upcoming test.

The next night Yuuki found herself again in the dream world with Takaomi. They came across a strangely-dressed person wearing a head covering so only his eyes were visible. The man wore a necklace with a comma-shaped bead just like Yuuki's, and it started to glow. His head covering pulled back, he looked familiar to Yuuki. It was Souta in a different form!

Yuuki found out that her "dreams" were not really dreams at all. When she woke up in the morning it was as if she hadn't slept at all. Each day she was tired from her dream world escapades. She really was traveling to another world.

In more adventures in Takamagahara she meets up with other forms of some of her other classmates, each discovering they also have a special bead. There is one big difference between them and she, however: in this world they were all older than how she previously knew them, but she was the same age in Takamagahara as in the other world!

By now Yuuki knew she really cared for Takaomi, but his childhood friend, the Princess Kaya, had been kidnapped and they have to search for her. Yuuki is sure Takaomi loves the princess, not her.

In the other world, Takaomi has changed schools, so they won't see each other much now. Yuuki and her friends are saddened, but they know they must concentrate on finding out what the beads are, and what has been happening. The mysterious mark on Takaomi's forehead and the fact that he may be of both worlds is puzzling.... since he isn't one of the magical five, who is he?

Mysteries, adventure, fighting action, magical creatures, an evil "father", romance, spells, friendship, and lots of humor make Dream Saga an enjoyable and suspenseful series for anyone.

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